Ron Gans – CTO, Observables, Inc.


Business & Technical

This site has been neglected for a while since my energy is going into Observables. You will find more updated information over there.

I make technology deliver results. In my various roles as a founder and employee for startups, non-profits, growing companies, and large enterprises, my focus is ensuring that the company has the people, technology, and processes needed to deliver the right solutions to customers effectively and efficiently.

I can handle everything from validating the business model, to designing and architecting the solution, to building the product and/or building a team to create the product. I understand the business side, the technical side, and the people side and enable the technology and team to support the business.

For startups, this means everything from evaluating the business model to writing code. For larger organizations, it means putting in processes and tools, building and managing teams, and getting the correct people into the correct roles.


Personal Background

I live in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, where it is against the law not to use the adjective “beautiful” when referring to the city.

When I am not sitting in front of my computer or working with my team, you will find me at one of these great networking groups, enjoying my wife and kids, practicing and teaching Tae Kwon Do, teaching entrepreneurship at Antioch University, organizing Santa Barbara Startup Weekend, volunteering at Santa Barbara Hillel, or participating in other community activities.