Patents and Publications


System and Method for Building and Modifying Software Applications

  • United States 7,716,634 — Issued May 11, 2010
  • A system for creating applications, such as web applications, allows a non-technical trained user to build and edit applications. The tool used to build the applications creates the application elements including actions, screens, data, header and footer, and scripts, which are stored and accessed as records in a database. The web application that is created can be exported to and installed within a website.


On-wafer Production Monitoring of GMR Spin Valve Pinned Layer and Free Layer Properties

  • IEEE Magnetics Conference — May 21, 1999
  • This paper arose from my work at Applied Magnetics designing GMR magnetic recording heads for disk drives.
Fluxon Motion in a Cylinder With a Radially Applied Current

  • Applied Superconductivity Conference, Boston MA — October 1994
  • Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation — November 4, 1993
  • This research was performed in graduate school as I was exploring different areas and considering what area I wanted to focus on for my thesis.
The Superconducting Mixed State: Fluxon Motion and Its Applications to Superconducting Devices
  • Invited talk to US Army Research Laboratory, Ft. Monmouth, NJ — March 1993
  • I was invited to present this lecture to the army as an educational session on an area that I had been researching in preparation for defining my thesis. They were very interested in learning about Superconductivity.

Fluxon Lattice Dynamics in the Superconducting Mixed State

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Thesis) — 1997
  • This is the thesis I wrote for my Ph. D. in the physics department.