Tag Line: Making Dogs and Their Humans Happy

NOTE: As Oliver continues his class assignments in Antioch’s BUS504, this is his response to Assignment #2: Interest Area.

Me and my human on a hike at Lizard’s Mouth

I believe that canine and human happiness is an essential element to a quality life. From my personal experience, I am happiest when I am with people and I notice that my people seem to be happy when they are with me. Also, I enjoy being with other dogs as I have noticed my people enjoy being with other people too.

My interest area is finding ways to bring dogs and people together more often so they can increase the joy and happiness in their lives. I hope to do this by building an online community of dogs and their people that focuses on generating offline interactions. Examples might include walks or hikes together, dog play dates, or dog sitting exchanges.

Geographically, I will start in the local Santa Barbara area, where it is easiest for me to meet and connect with other dogs and people in order to establish a sufficiently large core community. The model can certainly expand and be applicable anywhere in the world. I would focus on dogs that already have people (and vice versa) which could include individuals, couples, families, and elders. If things go well in this project, I might even let some cats participate (Despite the stereotype, I really do not have anything against cats.).

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