Oliver’s Personal Assessment Test

Adizes-OliverHere are the results of my personal assessment test, taken through the Adizes Institute online tool. As you can see, I have a strong “Integrator” personality, which is consistent with my love of people and desire to always be around them and make them happy. The secondary “Administrator” trait properly reflects my desire to have predictability, clear direction, and order in my world. “Entrepreneur” was the lowest trait, which corresponds to that fact that I really do not like change.


Oliver-keyboardI found the test results to be consistent with my world view, with the surprise that the “Is, Should, and Want” lined up more than I expected. I guess my world reflects what I want it to be more than I thought. Taking the test was a bit of a challenge. Some of the questions did not seem to apply well to me and the keyboard keys were spaced too closely together for my paws. On a positive note, the mouse tasted really good.